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Topyeong Library

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Home Topyeong Library
Opening Hours
Floor Name Opening Hours
4th Floor Cafeteria/Roof terrace 10:00 ~ 18:00
3rd Floor FreeReading Room 08:00 ~ 22:00
2nd Floor General Reference Room/Digital & continuous Room 09:00~18:00 (by 17:00 for Sat, Sun)
1st Floor Children's Reference Room 09:00~18:00 (by 17:00 for Sat, Sun)
Closing Days
  • Regular Closing Days
    • Every 1st/3rd Monday
    • Opening Anniversary (April 27)
  • National holidays designated by the Government
  • Temporary Closing Days
    • When the inspection and arrangement of books in the library, maintenance/arrangement of facilities, et cetera are designated by the Director of Library as necessary
Lend-out Guide
  • Eligible Members
    • A person whose address on Resident Register is Guri-si
    • A person whose working place or school is located in Guri-si
Classification Supporting Documents
Younger than 7 Years Old
  • Application Form
  • Resident Registration, Medical Insurance Card, Parental identification
7 Years Old or Older
  • Application Form
  • Resident Registration Card, Youth Card, Student ID, Certificate of Employment (Medical Insurance Card)
※ Those issued by public agencies with legible address/national ID No.
  • Issuance & Lend-out
    • Immediate issuance and lend-out are available on visitation to the library with supporting documents.
  • Number of Books for & Period of Lend-out
    • Books for Lend-out: All books excluding references, periodicals, visual materials
    • Period of Lend-out: 5 books for 14 days at once
  • Reservation :
    (Only applicable to books in lending-out status) Maximum 3 books are available through Nurijip, the books in reservation status may be lent out within 3 days from the date you receive text message or phone call with notification of arrival of the books.
  • Arrearage or Damage on Book
    • Causing suspension for the number of days in arrears
    • In the event of damage on book or loss of book in lending-out status, the compensation with the same book(material) or the amount equivalent to the value of the book.
  • Place of Issuance of Membership Card & Inquiries
    • topyeong Library: 1st General Information (550-8325)
Photocopy of References
Location General Reference Room on 2nd floor
Opening Hours 09:00 ∼ 18:00
Method of Use
  • Autonomic Card System (equipping A4 only)
  • Fees : 1 piece of A4, 40 Won
  • Card Type: 3,000 Won Card
  • Purchase of Card: General Reference Room 2nd floor
  • Only partial photocopies as necessary are allowed in accordance with the Copyright Law.
Location Digital Reference Room on 2nd floor
Opening Hours
  • Weekdays 09:00 ∼ 18:00
  • Saturday & Sunday 09:00 ∼ 17:00
Method of Use
  • Black/White Printer: Autonomic Card System (equipping 1 printers)
  • Fees: 1 piece of A4, 40 Won
  • Card Type: 3,000 Won Card
  • Purchase of Card: General Reference Room 2nd floor
  • The above-mentioned card may be used for both photocopier and printer in the Guri Municipal Libraries
    (Inchang, Topyeong, Gyomun).