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Home Greetings


  • Welcome! We are Guri Municipal Library where you can make a leap forward your future.
    As a knowledge-based information/reference center
  • We are committed to putting our best efforts to perform our duties as a knowledge-based information/reference center faithfully by actualizing a digital library with efficient information management system which may satisfy the needs of library users with a plenty of information of fine quality for the computerization of library operation and the creation of knowledge-based information aiming at the fast delivery of information in this information-oriented society where thousands of information are producted everyday.
  • As a cultural rest place winning everyone's sympathy
  • We are committed to carrying out our role as a cultural rest place winning everyone's sympathy where users may make a reading their way of life and foster their emotion with easy access and convenient enjoyment.
  • As a library of cultural information enhancing the quality of life>
  • We are committed to grow up as a library of cultural information where users may enhance their quality of life by putting our best efforts to provide a wide range of opportunities of reading education through the plan of opening various cultural events and educational programs for general public.
  • As a library in your life opening the future together
  • All the staff of Guri Municipal Library will do all they can for library services and development with a future-oriented open mind by creating a leading library in knowledge-based information and culture.
  • We solicit your continuous interest in and visit to us.
    Thank you.