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Little Library of picture
 Status of Little Library
  • History : Opened on February 21, 2008
  • Location : 35 Geombae-ro #93 (495-8 Sutaek-dong), Guri-si
  • Area : 165㎡
  • Facilities : General Library, Internet Search Room, Children's Reference Room
  • Status of References
  • Status of References
    Books 7,466 Volumes Non-books
    (DVD, etc.)
    258 Items
  • Seating Capacity : 16 Seats
  • Closing Date : Every Saturday and Sunday
    (national holidays and other dates designated by the Director of Library as necessary)
  • Opening Hours : 9AM ~ 6PM
  • Guide for Lending Books
    • Lending Books
      : Maximum 3 book for 14 days per person
      (Non-books such as magazines, DVDs are only available to use in the library)
      : Book-lending is only available for the person requesting.
      (A children of 7 years old or younger may lend out books with representation of his or her parent.)
    • Reservation : Only applicable to books in lending-out status, maximum 3 books are available, the books in reservation status may be lent out within 3 days from the date you receive text message or phone call with notification of arrival of the books.
    • Arrearage: Causing suspension for the number of days in arrears
  • Guide for Issuance of Library Card
    • For : Guri-si Citizens
    • How : Application on visit
    • Supporting Documents : General Member-ID(Resident Registration Card, Driver's License, Passport)
      Child - Resident Register or Certificate of Health Insurance
      Foreigner - Foreigner Registration Card
  • Library Rules
    • Be aware of correct date of return of books.
    • Treat facilities and materials carefully.
    • Refrain from eating food and having a talk.
    • Turn off your cell-phone or set it up on manner mode.
    • Do not take any action to give unpleasant feeling to other users.
    • Watch out your bag and/or valuables.
      (We have no responsibility for any missing article in the library.)
 Library Map
Kumho middle school located in an apartment and Chuang